A Hunter Sociology Seminar Series

Contemporary sociologists face a formidable challenge. In a context of rapid technological change, theories predicated on face-to-face interaction and “old” communications media may prove insufficient to explain contemporary social reality.

Bridging the gap between twentieth century social theory and twenty-first century society requires answering a new set of questions. How do actors “save face” and exercise “deference” (Goffman 1956; 1967) when communicating online? What kinds of recruitment tools do new social media offer to the leaders of controversial and potentially risky political movements (McAdam 1988)? And how have definitions of social deviance (Becker 1963) changed in an era in which transgression often leaves trails of digital imagery and text?

This seminar seeks to respond to the challenge these changes present to social scientists, featuring research that examines the implications of new media for a variety of established fields of knowledge production within social theory and research, including informal interaction, collective memory, social and political movements, the surveillance of work, crime, deviance, gender and inequality.

All talks will take place at Hunter College, and are open to the public. Snacks and light refreshments will be served, and attendees are welcome to bring lunch.

To RSVP, email Mike Owen Benediktsson and Bradley Kingston at hunterdigitalsociety@gmail.com


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