October 29, 12pm: Mary Chayko, “Digital Community and Techno-Social Life”

Presenter: Mary Chayko, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University

Time: Wednesday, October 29, 12pm – 1:30pm

Location: Room 1631, Hunter West, Hunter College, 695 Park Ave., New York, NY 10065

RSVP: hunterdigitalsociety@gmail.com

For over fifteen years, Dr. Mary Chayko has investigated the experience of digital connectedness – how it feels, how bonds and groupings are made and maintained online, and how the online and the offline intersect in people’s everyday lives. She has found the term “community” to be used by people readily, frequently, and spontaneously as they describe both the online social experience (what she calls “techno-social life”) and the groupings themselves. In this talk, she will share her research into the nature of digital community and its impact on members. Dr. Chayko is the author of Connecting: How We Form Social Bonds and Communities in the Internet Age (SUNY Press, 2002) and Portable Communities: The Social Dynamics of Online and Mobile Connectedness (SUNY Press, 2008), a 2009 Library Journal Social Science Bestseller and Book of the Year Runner-up for the Association for Humanist Sociology.


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