October 23: Karen Levy, ““The Computer Don’t Know Nothin’ About That: Electronic Monitoring and Information Dynamics in the United States Trucking Industry.”

Presenter: Karen Levy, Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology, Princeton University

Time: Wednesday, October 23, 1:10-2:30pm

Location: Room 1631, Hunter West, Hunter College, 695 Park Ave., New York, NY 10065

My core research questions revolve around the uses of technology for the enforcement of rules and laws. Specifically:

  • How is social control exercised through different modalities of regulation?
  • How do rules, technologies, and social practices interact?
  • How are different forms of social control conceptualized and contested by the regulated?

I investigate these dynamics in multiple contexts, with special emphasis on how rules and technologies interact to regulate behavior in each. Currently, I am investigating the automation of compliance with timekeeping rules among long-haul truckers in the United States.


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